"Older Dogs" - KC Good Citizen Bronze Award

The "Older Dog" class is for those puppies who have missed out on their initial training and are now over One year old.   They perhaps have never been to training before or they have and just haven't been able to grasp recall or walking to heel. The class runs for 8 weeks. It
follows the Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze course with the intention of allowing the owners (if they would like to and are ready) to take the test on the last night.


The class is strictly limited to 6 dogs.



KC Good Citizen Bronze Award


Bronze course is generally  a follow on course from the puppy foundation targeted at owners who would like to take their training to the next level.   This level is where training really starts to take off, with greater focus from both the handler and dog.


We continue to work on those essential life skills such as loose lead walking, stay, leave, having a dog who is comfortable to be handled/groomed, appropriate meet and greet behaviour, jumping up and basic recall skills.